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Here are the primary features that all of our Jacksonville, Fl roofing solutions are built on: 

Top-Rated Roofing Companies in Jacksonville, FL

Why Choose Us?
  • We’ve been fixing roofs for years now. Every single member of our team is an expert at what they do. If you’re looking for quality assurance then there’s no better roofing company in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • We’re locally owned and operated. We operate in the local area meaning we can be your roofers for life. If you ever need a repair or installation done, you’re going to benefit from having one roofing contractor.
  • We offer free estimates on all of the roofing services we do. Whether you need a roof repair or a new roof altogether, we can give you a roof idea of the price before you commit to anything.
  • Our Jacksonville phone line is open 24/7. Whenever you need a roofing repair, even if it’s in the middle of the night, Armada is going to be there for you.
We’re Fully Certified

We’ve gathered a few different certifications over the years of providing Jacksonville, FL, with a reliable roofing contractor.

Our time as the number one Jacksonville roofing contractors has seen us qualify for the following certificates:

  • Certified roofing contractor.
  • Certified Jacksonville building contractor.
  • Certified Jacksonville plumbing contractor.
  • Certified HVAC contractor.
  • Mold assessor.
  • Mold remediator.
Residential and Commercial Roofing Jacksonville, FL

At Armada, we offer commercial roofing as well as residential roofing to the people of Jacksonville. You can rest assured that all of our services are of high quality, no matter if you are commercial or residential.

We can take care of all your Jacksonville business quality roofing needs. Your business is important, so don’t let a substandard roof risk damaging what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Why You Should Use a Professional Roofing Contractor in Jacksonville

There’s always a temptation to either DIY your roofing, or let your friend who knows a little bit about roofs do it. That’s all well and good at the time, but it’s ultimately a recipe for a disastrous roof.

Not using a professional company immediately in Northeast Florida means you’re going to be looking at another roof repair, or even a roof replacement, later on down the line.

When you trust a reliant roofing professional like Armada, you don’t have the risk of subpar roof repair jobs needing to be done again. All of the roof work that we do is held to the highest quality.

More importantly, though, we’re licensed in Jacksonville. On the off chance that anything goes wrong with your roof repair, you don’t have to worry about the damages. We’re going to take care of everything.

The Number One Jacksonville Roofing Company Around

We’re considered the best roofing contractors in Jacksonville for a reason. We’re the best at what we do, and every single one of our technicians is an industry veteran.

Whether you need a roof repair for your business, a roof repair for your home, or a bigger roofing replacement altogether, Armada’s got your back.

We’re the top roofing company in all of Jacksonville, Florida, and we want to prove it to you. You can get in touch with us on our Jacksonville phone number to arrange a free roof estimation, and we can work on your roof from there.